Sacred Hearts Fire Damage_Tabernacle_black background copy.jpg
Sacred Hearts Fire Damage_Tabernacle 2_black background copy.jpg
Chalice Blank_16-9_top and bottom blackground_6271.jpg
Chalice Carving 1_16-9_ top and bottom blackground_6272.jpg
Chalice Carving 2_16-9_top and bottom blackground_6273.jpg
Chalice Carving 3_16-9_top and bottom black background_6274.jpg
Chalice Carving 4_16-9_top and bottom black background_6275.jpg
Chalice Carving 5_16-9_top and bottom black background_6506.jpg
Chalice Carving 6_16-9_top and bottom black background_7056.jpg
Chalice Carving 7_16-9_top and bottom black background7057.jpg
Chalice Carving 8_16-9_top and bottom black background_7058.jpg
Chalice Carving 9_16-9_top and bottom black background_7059.jpg
Chalice Carving 10_16-9_top and bottom black background_7060.jpg
Chalice Carving 11_16-9_top and bottom black background_7061.jpg
Chalice Carving 12_16-9_top and bottom black background_7062.jpg
Chalice Carving_13_16-9_top and bottom black background_7063.jpg
Chalice Carving_14_16-9_top and bottom black background_7064.jpg
Chalice Carving_15_16-9_top and bottom black background_7084.jpg
Chalice Carving_16_16-9_top and bottom black background_7085.jpg
Chalice Carving 17_16-9_top and bottom black background_7086.jpg
Chalice Carving_18_16-9_top and borrom black background_7087.jpg
Chalice Carving_19_16-9_top and bottom black background_7088.jpg
Chalice Carving_20_16-9_top and bottom_7089.jpg
Chalice Carving finished side by side applicae16-9_top and bottom black background_7102.jpg
Chalice Carving Finished Side by Side 2_16-9_top and bottom black background_7104.jpg
Chalice Carving Finished Door_not finished by Jon_7106.jpg
Finished Tabernacle and Door with Columns_taken July 2014 copy.jpg