Full Facade_Cut Out with black background_July 2014.jpg
Blessed Sacrament Restoration

Blessed Sacrament Restoration

This carved panel sits in the niche behind the statue of Mary.

Sacred Hearts Church Restoration

Sacred Hearts Church Restoration

These are the capitals for the columns on either side of the statue niche.

Column Top_Center_With Surrounding Facade_July 2014.jpg
Column Top_Installed_July 2014.jpg
Decorative Wing_black background_1 inch black top and bottom 16 copy.jpg
Bottom of Tower_16.9_blackground.jpg
Sacred Hearts Restoration

Sacred Hearts Restoration

This is the completed carving and reconstruction of the tabernacle door (with out finish) for Sacred Hearts Catholic Church in Sun Prairie, WI.  The following link will take you to a gallery showing the progression from wooden blank to completed carving - "Chalice Carving Progression Gallery".

Completed Installed Chalice Door Closeup_Low Light_Taken 2014 copy.jpg
Chalice Door Installed_Bright Light_#2_Taken July 2014 copy.jpg
Finished Tabernacle and Door with Columns_taken July 2014 copy.jpg
Tabernacle Triangle Close Up_#2_Bright Light_July 2014 copy.jpg
Top of Facade_Center_Egg and Dart_Column Tops_Etc_July 2014.jpg
Left Lower Section of Whole Facade_July 2014.jpg
Bottom Lower Left of Facade_Front Facing View_July 2014.jpg
Lower Right of Facade_No Tabernacle_July 2014.jpg
Tabernacle Triangle Close Up_#2_Bright Light_July 2014 copy.jpg
Tabernacle Top Detail_Triangle Carving_Side Rectangles and Column Tops_July 2014 copy.jpg
Circle Rose_Close Up_Bright Light_July 2014.jpg
Tower Applique_ copy.jpg
Left Tower Top Section_July 2014.jpg
Tower Bottom Detail_Right Side_July 2014.jpg
Finished Screen_best shot.JPG
Finished Screen_best shot copy.jpg